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This video analysis and newsletter subscription covers an in depth technical analysis on the financial instruments that I trade. These will be strategies using risk management, risk mitigation along with our course system. These videos will include everything I use on a daily basis to conduct day trades or swing trades.

The newsletter uses a similar style of analysis to Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham when selecting our portfolio ingredients. We carefully select companies with strong return on equities along with revenue growth and we provide you with an operations analysis breakdown. One thing that no one ever mentions is that normalized return on equity net of extraordinary expenses has a direct correlation to the overall performance of a stock. We can use Apple as an example of a strong ROE, vs Bank of America with a medium ROE. The difference in their performance was massive. We will also provide you with long term buying opportunities along with potential swing trade opportunities backed by strong fundamental stocks, so in the event you do get caught out of the money. Long term performance of the stock will eventually recoup and bring you back into the positive.

We will also provide portfolio hedging strategies as drafted by our money manager at Silvers Co.

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