One of the best ways to create passive income would be buying vending machines. On average the profit margin for vending machines would be about 70-75%. Meaning if your gross sales for the month are $200/month it would be a $145 take home. Now think about it this way, if you have 1 vending machine its a very small amount, but what if you had 20?

That just provided you a passive income of about $2900/month. Assuming you’ve had other ventures. It is not all that hard to average $50,000 a year.  The issue with vending machines at the beginning is building a big enough route ( route normally means multiple vending located near each other) When you do not have a big enough route, you will likely have to refill the machines and front out the workload. Once you get to a point where you have a sufficient stream of income, meaning 20 machines on average 200 gross sales, that then provides you some space to pay someone to fill the machines completely. The ultimate goal of vending machines is to make yourself as obsolete as possible. Remember….the rich don’t work for money. Their money works for them.